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Hey, this animal looks like a raccoon! And it’s fluffy! No, no, that’s a Himalayan cat. By the way, there is also a Himalayan breed of rabbit, but it seems that the rabbit was discovered first.
The Himalayan has a similar appearance to the Persian cat, but it has a unique and elegant atmosphere that sets it apart from the Persian.
Would you like to take a peek at the little-known secrets of the Himalayan?


Hedgehogs are popular for being “cute” with their cute faces and small bodies, despite their appearance that is covered with spines all over and scary to touch carelessly.
Their legs are short, and their curled-up figure is adorable, and they have become more common as pets. However, they are not as common as dogs or cats, and you do not often see them in the wild.
Let’s take a look at the ecology of hedgehogs not only as pets, but also as wild animals.


Have you ever heard of an animal called an echidle?
It is a rare mammal that lays eggs, similar in name and appearance to hedgehogs, but different from mice and moles.Echidnas, also known as rare beasts and living fossils, actually have many mysterious things.Would you like to peek into the mysterious world of echidnas together?

French Lop

“French Lop” is a breed of domestic rabbit that is known for its droopy ears and plump and round body shape.
Although there are several other breeds of lop-eared rabbits, French Lop is considered the largest of them all.
While small rabbits like Holland Lop are also cute, French Lop looks like a giant stuffed animal!
Why not explore its hidden charm?


Do you know hyenas, strangely shaped wild animals that live in Africa and Asia?
Since it appears in TV shows and Disney movies “The Lion King”, many people will know its name and appearance.
And when you hear its name, many people may associate it with a bad image such as “creepy” or “mean”.
Are hyenas really creepy and mean animals? Let’s take a peek at what characteristics and secrets hyenas have in this article!


Do you know an animal ferret whose body is long and slender and whose face is as cute as a stuffed animal’s?
Ferrets are very popular as pets, so many people may actually have them or want to try them.
Surprisingly, ferrets are animals with a very long history of living with humans since 3000 BC.
Let’s take a peek together to see what characteristics and secrets ferrets have in this article!


Sheep have been kept by humans for about 10,000 years and have been an indispensable animal for human clothing, food and shelter since ancient times.

Although fluffy sheep are often thought of as gentle, kind, timid and obedient, there are also wild sheep that defy such images!

Let’s take a look at the world of sheep that is full of surprises but is also familiar.

Holland Lop

The Holland Lop is a cute rabbit with a small size and droopy ears!
It is one of the popular pet rabbits, and it has interesting features and comes in a variety of colors!
If you see one somewhere, please observe it while paying attention to what is written here!


What kind of image do you have when you think of pigeons?
Pigeons, which we often see in parks, stations, and cities, are very familiar birds to us. A white pigeon with an olive leaf is a symbol of peace and also a sign of good luck, so it has a good image.
Furthermore, pigeons have excellent flying and homing abilities, and have been used as messenger pigeons in the field of communication since ancient times. However, pigeons are also hated as nuisance birds.
Let’s find out more about pigeons, which we may think we know but don’t, and their relationship with us humans.


Do you know the rabbit called Himalayan?
By the way, there is also a cat breed called Himalayan, but do you know which one got the name Himalayan first?
Actually, it was the ‘rabbit’!
The cat was named after the rabbit’s Himalayan because it looked similar.
Let’s explore the secrets of the Himalayan that has such a mystery!