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The [Doubutsu Kanzen Daihyakka] is the Japanese name. The meaning is the Complete Encyclopedia of Animals.

There are many interesting things to know about animals here, as well as many interesting things about animals that will interest you.

I hope that I can give you a moment of excitement, empathy, and joy in gaining new knowledge.

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A tiger with a distinctive stripe pattern is also known as the “king of the jungle. Tigers are one of the most popular animals because they are strong and good-looking. Did you know that such tigers actually have an unexpected side to them that they are not very good at hunting? Let’s take a sneak peek ...


Leopards are a member of the cat family with a beautiful spotted pattern called a “leopard print. Leopards are as strong and good-looking as lions and tigers, which are also members of the same feline family, and are one of the most popular animals in zoos. By the way, why do leopards have such a flashy pattern? Let’s ...


The lion is known as the King of the Hundred Beasts! It is one of the most popular animals among children because it is very strong in the world of carnivores. Even such a cool lion seems to have a hard time living in the harsh nature. Let’s take a look at how lions usually live!


Cheetahs are a member of the feline family, famous for being the “fastest running creatures in the world. Its maximum speed is said to be as high as 110 kilometers per hour, but why can Cheetahs run so fast? Once you learn the secrets of a cheetah’s body and speed, you may enjoy watching cheetahs at the ...

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It is said that we humans have gained a lot of information and knowledge and are at the top of the animal world. However, if you open the lid, there is still a lot to learn from other animals.

Humans are part of animals, and there is only one purpose for being born: to live and leave offspring. Protecting blood relatives and family members of the group.

Even if I’m not the main character, I can’t get over the animals who play their roles properly.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Animals is a hope that as we learn more about them, more people will take care of their animals and, more broadly, take care of the earth.

We hope that this will be an opportunity for everyone, from small children to adults, to learn about animals together.


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