Author: Hayakawa

Old English Sheepdog

A dog with fluffy fur that looks like a big hairball. The old english sheepdog is gaining popularity for its adorable appearance.Due to its characteristic appearance, there are many opportunities to appear in dramas and movies, and even if you can’t associate it with the name, many people may actually say, “Oh, this is this dog breed!”This time, let’s explore the characteristics and morphology of such a popular dog breed, the old english sheepdog!

German Shepherd Dog

Speaking of german shepherd dogs, they are famous in Japan as police dogs. Sometimes you can see it on TV.The way he confronts the criminal with a fearless face is brave itself. Many people may yearn for coolness.On the other hand, it is also popular as a family dog, so I think many people feel close to it. So, in this article, let’s take a look at the characteristics and personality of the german shepherd dog, which is popular both as a police dog and as a family dog!


Have you ever heard of an animal called an echidle?
It is a rare mammal that lays eggs, similar in name and appearance to hedgehogs, but different from mice and moles.Echidnas, also known as rare beasts and living fossils, actually have many mysterious things.Would you like to peek into the mysterious world of echidnas together?


The reindeer that comes with Santa Claus on Christmas is a favorite character of children all over the world.
But how much do you know about the animal reindeer?
It seems that you know, but when you think about it, there seems to be a lot of things you don’t know.
Let’s find out about the animal reindeer and the reindeer that carry Santa Claus on board!


Speaking of guppies, they are famous tropical fish, and many people know them, don’t they? With a body of different colors, a beautiful tail fin that spreads widely, guppies are tropical fish packed with charm.
However, there must be many people who are not familiar with ecology. So this time, we will tell you the secrets of guppies. Let’s take a look together.


Do you know hyenas, strangely shaped wild animals that live in Africa and Asia?
Since it appears in TV shows and Disney movies “The Lion King”, many people will know its name and appearance.
And when you hear its name, many people may associate it with a bad image such as “creepy” or “mean”.
Are hyenas really creepy and mean animals? Let’s take a peek at what characteristics and secrets hyenas have in this article!


Have you ever heard of a walrus, a sea-dwelling mammal with a very large body and fangs?
They sometimes hold shows at aquariums, so some of you may have actually seen them in front of you.
Walruses are often thought of as scary animals because of their appearance and size, but they are actually wonderful animals that are very kind and smart.
In this article, we’ll take a sneak peek at what characteristics and secrets walruses have!

Japanese Macaque

As the name suggests, japanese macaques are monkeys that live only in Japan.
The Japanese macaque, which appears in folktales such as “The Peach Boy” and “The Monkey and the Crab,” is a familiar animal to japanese people.
However, when you think about it again, you may be surprised to find that there are many things you don’t know about its ecology and characteristics.
Let’s take a peek together to see what characteristics and secrets Japanese monkeys have in this article!


Do you know an animal ferret whose body is long and slender and whose face is as cute as a stuffed animal’s?
Ferrets are very popular as pets, so many people may actually have them or want to try them.
Surprisingly, ferrets are animals with a very long history of living with humans since 3000 BC.
Let’s take a peek together to see what characteristics and secrets ferrets have in this article!


Do you know an alpaca, an animal with soft fur?
They are often bred in zoos and ranches, so many people will have actually seen them.
Alpacas are similar to sheep, but they are actually members of the camelidae, and they have a long history of living with humans for thousands of years.
Let’s take a peek into their lives together in this article to find out what characteristics and secrets alpacas have!