German Shepherd Dog


Speaking of german shepherd dogs, they are famous in Japan as police dogs. Sometimes you can see it on TV.The way he confronts the criminal with a fearless face is brave itself. Many people may yearn for coolness.On the other hand, it is also popular as a family dog, so I think many people feel close to it. So, in this article, let’s take a look at the characteristics and personality of the german shepherd dog, which is popular both as a police dog and as a family dog!



~ Basic information. ~

Country of origin:Germany

Length:male50〜73cm female55〜68cm.

Weight:male30〜40kg female22〜32kg.

Many people think of the appearance of the german shepherd dog with a dark brown base and a dark face and back.

Certainly, the german shepherd dog that you often see is true, but there are also other breeds with various coat colors such as all black, light brown, yellow and gray.


According to the Japan Kennel Club, there are certain standards that german shepherd dogs must meet. For instance, the nose must be a solid black color and there should be no white markings on the chest or any bright colors on the body. However, these standards are not necessarily applicable to general pet ownership.

In addition, there are short-haired and long-haired individuals, and long-haired tends to be not recognized worldwide. There is a full-body white shepherd, and it is considered to be of American, Canadian and Swiss lineage rather than Germany. There are no differences in character and abilities, and the size is somewhat larger than this species.

In addition, although it is a species with many short hairs, it has a double coat, so it loses a lot of hair and care is essential. In addition, it has a unique body shape with a slightly longer length than its height and a lowered waist.

For those who have never seen a german shepherd dog seriously, it may seem a little strange. It is a large dog with standing ears and a muscular body, but it is a little more compact than other large dogs.

He has a fearless face and a smart mind. It has high intelligence and motor skills, and is easy to train.

However, their personalities and qualities vary greatly depending on the environment in which they are raised. A properly educated individual is strong and obedient, swearing loyalty and obedience to his partner. This is true not only as a police dog, but also in the home, performing a number of commands.

In addition, they have high intellectual and mental abilities, as well as excellent insight and the ability to think for themselves. They are active, patient, and unfazed by extraordinary things. Because of their strong sense of responsibility, they are also affectionate in their efforts to protect their families and close partners.

On the other hand, individuals who have not been properly educated have a strong desire for domination and tend to be aggressive dogs. It is difficult to fix the character once formed, and it is difficult to re-educate an adult.


Points to consider when breeding at home as a pet.

Discipline is especially important.

When welcoming a german shepherd dog puppy, it is important to train it well. For example, toilet or chewing habits, barking habits, stopping when walking, calling back, etc. If you are not educated correctly, you can become aggressive rather than obedient.

When you have a solid relationship of trust between you and your dog, your dog’s mind will be stable and you can live together as an important partner who swears loyalty. If you are worried about proper education, one way is to leave it to a trainer. Be especially careful if you have children.写真/_7ifL2ddOmo

Make sure you have time for a walk.

The german shepherd dog is a dog breed that loves exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to give them enough exercise. As a guide, twice in the morning and evening, about 1-2 hours each.

It is not easy for a busy modern person to set aside 2-4 hours of walking time per day, but if this is not possible, it will be difficult to breed a german shepherd dog. Lack of exercise can cause stress and cause problematic behaviors such as barking and biting.

They also tend to prefer intellectual play because they are highly intelligent. It is also important to let them use their heads, such as smelling.


Live with humans indoors as much as possible.

When breeding at home, try to live with humans indoors as much as possible. By living together, you will start to think about the role you have been given and what your family wants, and you will grow as a reliable partner.

On the other hand, when kept outdoors, it develops defensive and vigilant qualities, making it an excellent guard dog. However, as a family dog, it is not desirable because it will be mentally unstable.

In addition, there is a lot of hair loss during the hair change period, so brushing about 3 times a week is important.


Change your diet as you grow.

This is not limited to german shepherd dogs, but if you are health-conscious, you need to change your diet according to your level of growth.

For example, nutritious food is used when they are puppies, and low-calorie, high-protein meals are used for adult dogs and seniors to prevent obesity. The right amount is indicated for each hood, so give the necessary amount according to your weight and age of the month.



German shepherd dog’s Q&A.

What is the origin of the german shepherd dog name?

The german shepherd dog means “German sheepdog”. However, the current german shepherd dog has no history as a “sheepdog”.

The current german shepherd dog was created as a military dog by the German army during World War I by repeated crossbreeding.

The german shepherd dog, on which it was based, was called the “old german shepherd dog”, and the breed worked as a sheepdog. Therefore, it was named the german shepherd dog even though it is not a sheepdog.


Is it true that the german shepherd dog can do a variety of jobs?

The german shepherd dog was born as a military dog during the First World War. However, due to their high intelligence and bravery, they support human life in various applications other than military dogs.

In Japan, it is famous as a police dog, but it is also active in various fields such as drug dogs that detect drugs and disaster rescue dogs. Of course, it is also very effective as a guard dog in ordinary households.

The german shepherd dog, which can perform a variety of roles, has become an indispensable part of human life and is no exaggeration to say that it is a partner of humanity.


What is the german shepherd dog’s favorite food?

The german shepherd dog has a strong jaw and is a big eater, so it prefers to eat meat with bones. It is said to be good for jaw health because it is eaten by crushing bones. This is also thought to be the reason why commercial snacks have a bone-in meat-style design.

It is good to top dog food with high-protein raw meat, but german shepherd dogs tend to gain weight, so take care of their health by eating more dry food or adjusting it to the right amount.

What are the roots of the german shepherd dog?

Tracing the roots of the german shepherd dog, it is said that it is based on the mastiff of the fighting dog. In addition, the mastiff-based alano espanyol was mixed with pointer and hound bloodlines to become the german shepherd dog.

This german shepherd dog was a smart and athletic sheepdog, so it was repeatedly crossed as a basis for military dogs before World War I.

Later, the current german shepherd dog was born, and the german shepherd dog as a sheepdog became known as the old german shepherd dog.


What diseases are german shepherd dogs susceptible to?

German shepherd dogs have been identified in individuals where their ears are completely incapable of standing up, or in which the tail stands vertically and the anus is exposed.

In addition, there is an inclination in the hip and knee joints, and the hind legs are curved, so it is easy to get joint diseases. It is said that this body shape was popular at exhibitions, etc., so dogs with weak hip dysplasia factors remained.

It manifests itself as early as 3-4 months, and severe individuals may have difficulty walking. In addition, it is easy to gain weight constitutionally, and there are many cases of skin diseases. When breeding in the home, do not overlook any signs of unwell as much as possible, and if you feel any abnormality, take them to the hospital immediately.


Is it true that german shepherd dogs are dangerous?

The german shepherd dog is highly intelligent and does not harm people without meaning. However, this is if you train correctly. Individuals that have not been properly trained are particularly dangerous and are designated by some municipalities as a breed that may harm people.

Even if you are trained correctly, you may attack if you approach it unnecessarily. Even though they are an obedient breed, be careful not to approach them unnecessarily.