Old English Sheepdog

A dog with fluffy fur that looks like a big hairball. The old english sheepdog is gaining popularity for its adorable appearance.Due to its characteristic appearance, there are many opportunities to appear in dramas and movies, and even if you can’t associate it with the name, many people may actually say, “Oh, this is this dog breed!”This time, let’s explore the characteristics and morphology of such a popular dog breed, the old english sheepdog!




~ Basic information. ~

Carnivora-Canidae-Dog genus.







First, let’s take a look at the characteristics of appearance!

As mentioned at the beginning, the main feature of the old english sheepdog is its fluffy loveliness, like a giant stuffed animal. Although the breed is classified as a large dog, it is well known that it has longer fur than golden retrievers and siberian huskies.

As for the physique, the length and height are almost the same. The waist is higher than the shoulders and has a leg-length form. When viewed from above, it looks like a pear. In addition, it is difficult to imagine from its appearance, but it is quite muscular. If you put your hand in the bushy fur and touch the body, you will find that it is surprisingly solid.

Fluffy fur is the so-called double coat. The waterproof undercoat is resistant to rain and wind, making it suitable for keeping out the cold. The overcoat is a fluffy hair that you usually see. It has abundant hair and a surprisingly hard texture.

When they are puppies, their fur is black and white, but as they grow into adults, it changes to silver or gray, and the texture of their fur changes to messy.

The torso color of adult dogs is mainly gray, grizzle and blue. The head, chest, neck and limbs are white and have a typical old english sheepdog coloring.

The eyes are often not visible due to the coat. This face is also a symbol of the cuteness of the old english sheepdog. The ears are constantly drooping, so it looks like the entire head is covered with hair.

On the other hand, the voice has its own characteristics. Despite the loveliness of its appearance, it is thick and resonates well. Since it is also a bass sound, those who hear it for the first time may be surprised.

出典:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Grupp 1, OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG, C.I.B. FI JV-11 NO UCH NORD V-13 NORD V-14 SE UCH Azedagi’s My Secret Adventure (23683385953).jpg

It is popular as a pet.

The old english sheepdog is a popular breed in Japan and is popular as a pet.

However, in the case of Japan, pet stores sell relatively little, and the price tends to be higher accordingly. The market price in Japan is said to be about 20 to 500,000 yen.


About the diet to give.

The diet is fine with general dog food. However, divide it into multiple times a day and let them eat slowly.

If you eat a lot at once or eat too fast, you increase the risk of developing a disease called “stomach torsion”, in which the stomach twists. It is said to be more susceptible to large dogs, so you need to be especially careful.

Requires solid exercise.

The old english sheepdog is a dog breed that was originally active as a sheepdog. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise well. Specifically, it is essential to take at least two walks a day, each lasting at least one hour.

It is also important to let them play ball once in a while or run freely in a large place such as a dog park.


Outdoor breeding is not recommended.

The old english sheepdog is a heat-sensitive breed, so temperature control with air conditioning is an absolute requirement, depending on the country where you live. Since it is a large dog, some people may be reluctant to keep it indoors, but let’s create an appropriate environment for your precious dog. In addition, since they have a lonely personality, outdoor breeding is not recommended in the sense of not letting them be lonely.




Old english sheepdog’s Q&A.

Where does the old english sheepdog get its name?

The old english sheepdog means “a sheepdog born in UK”.

About the “old”, by the way, it does not turn out in detail. I thought it was an old dog breed, but it first appeared in literature around the late 18th and 19th centuries. It is a relatively new dog breed.


Are there other names for the old english sheepdog?

In fact, the old english sheepdog has several nicknames.

For example, “old”, taking only the first part of the name, “OES”, taking the initials of the word, “bobtail”, meaning short tail.


Are old english sheepdogs born with short tails?

The tail of the old english sheepdog is not born short.

Most have their tails cut off. This action is called “tail breaking”. Many dog breeds that are severed are severed “so that the hound does not get injured while working” or “so that the fighting dog will not be eaten by the opponent’s dog”.

The old english sheepdog, on the other hand, has been tail docked for tax purposes. In 19th-century Britain, dog ownership was considered a luxury and taxed accordingly. However, dogs that were necessary for work, such as the old english sheepdog, were not considered pets and were exempt from taxation. As a result, tail docking was performed to distinguish working dogs from pet dog.

Due to the growing awareness of animal welfare, tail docking has been banned in several Nordic and European countries. As a result, old english sheepdogs that have not undergone tail docking are becoming more common. It’s not a happy story for old english sheepdogs to be docked for human convenience.


What are the roots of the old english sheepdog?

The old english sheepdog is a dog breed of British origin, but there are various theories about its roots, and it is not known for sure.

It is now believed that several dog breeds were crossed as follows.

  • It is said that dogs of British, European and Russian origin were crossed with bearded collies.
  • There is a theory that the ovcharka or bergamasco shepherd dog was crossed with the british sheepdog.

Certainly, bearded collie and ovcharka have some similarities, so it makes sense as a root.

出典:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Photograph of an Old English Sheepdog – NARA – 34929544.jpg

What role was the old english sheepdog breed?

The old english sheepdog is a sheepdog. That is, they lived as partners of ranchers to manage livestock such as cattle and sheep.

When you think of a sheepdog, you probably think of a scene where livestock from a ranch are driven to a building, but it is said that the old english sheepdog was mainly responsible for moving from the ranch to the market.

It seems that he sometimes chased behind the flock of sheep, but his main job was to guard them.

出典:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bobtail otaké chien.jpg

What is the character of the old english sheepdog?

You might think they have a strict personality to guard and drive away livestock, but the old english sheepdog has a mild-mannered and cheerful character. In addition, he is sociable, friendly, snooty and spoiled. It is even said that it is not suitable for guard dogs.

They are friendly to family members and other dogs, so they blend in with small children, the elderly, and families with other dogs without any problems. In particular, they are so devoted to playing with small children that they are even called lullabies in the United States.

They are very smart, understand what their owners want, and act according to them. On the other hand, when they are puppies, they love to play naughty. In addition, males have a particularly spoiled character. Females are also spoiled, but they are more independent than males.


Are there any dog breeds similar to the old english sheepdog?

It is said to be related to the roots of the old english sheepdog, and is very similar to the bearded collie.

He has bushy fur and has a history of being active as a sheepdog. In addition, it is very similar to the old english sheepdog in all aspects, including its cheerful and friendly character.

Its existence has been confirmed since the 16th century, so you can understand why it is said to have the roots of the old english sheepdog.









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