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Speaking of cats with short tails, there is a breed called Japanese Bobtail. In fact, there is another breed called Manx, which also has a very short tail.
However, it is almost impossible to see them in Japan, so many people may be hearing the name for the first time! What mysteries are hidden behind the birth of Manx? And what is the reason for their short tails?
Let’s unravel their secrets right away!


Hey, this animal looks like a raccoon! And it’s fluffy! No, no, that’s a Himalayan cat. By the way, there is also a Himalayan breed of rabbit, but it seems that the rabbit was discovered first.
The Himalayan has a similar appearance to the Persian cat, but it has a unique and elegant atmosphere that sets it apart from the Persian.
Would you like to take a peek at the little-known secrets of the Himalayan?


Wild in appearance, it looks like a wild cat. Since it is not often seen in Japan, few people may know its name. This time, we will introduce you to the “Ocicat”!
The Ocicat, which gives the impression of living in a grassy field or forest, actually has a surprising personality and secrets. Let’s take a closer look at the detailed ecology of the Ocicat right away!


Have you heard of the Sphinx cat? Whether you’ve heard the name before or not, you might be surprised by its striking appearance!
You might even hear someone say, “What!
Is it really a cat?” The Sphinx cat’s appearance is likely to be a love-it-or-hate-it situation, but it’s a breed that some people can’t resist.
So what are the hidden charms of the Sphinx cat? Let’s introduce them right away!


Have you ever seen a “Siamese cat”? Actually, this cat is known as the “Siamese” breed worldwide. Interestingly, only Japan calls it the “Sham cat”.
On this page, I will introduce the Siamese breed, which was once popular in Japan. However, there are still many things that are not well known about their history and personality.
Let’s explore the secrets of the Siamese cat!


Do you know a cat called LaPerm? It is still not very well known in Japan, and many of you may have heard the name for the first time.
To explain briefly, it is a curly-haired cat that looks very similar to the Selkirk Rex, but there is also a photo book called “The World’s Most Beautiful Cats, LaPerm”, and some people are fascinated by its appearance.
Why don’t we go and explore the attractive features and secrets of LaPerm right away?

Cornish Rex

Here’s a quiz for you: What animal is known for its slender limbs, small face, and is also called the “greyhound of cats”?
The answer is the Cornish Rex! You may not have heard of it before since it’s not often seen in Japan. In addition to having a good style, it also has curly hair as a feature.
There are many other secrets about the Cornish Rex hidden on this page. Why don’t you go and explore those secrets right away?

Turkish Angora

“Turkish Angora” is a breed of cat that is known for its beautiful fur and elegant appearance. Its appearance exudes an atmosphere that seems to belong to a wealthy household.
However, it is rare to see them in pet shops, so many people may not have heard of them before.
Although the Turkish Angora is not a well-known breed, its history is very ancient and there are many secrets hidden within it.
Let’s explore the world of the Turkish Angora right away!

Selkirk Rex

Also known as the “cat in sheep’s clothing,” the Selkirk Rex is a cat with curly hair like a toy poodle.
It has recently gained attention from people who want a cat that doesn’t look like everyone else’s.
While there are other cats with curly hair, such as the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, the Selkirk Rex is the most voluminous of all curly-haired cats.
Let’s take a look at the secrets of this somewhat mysterious Selkirk Rex!

Devon Rex

Are you looking for a cat breed that is not only cute but also unique? If so, the Devon Rex might be the perfect breed for you! In this article, we will introduce the Devon Rex, which has a slightly mysterious appearance.
Although there are other breeds with unique appearances, the Devon Rex is one of them. Like the Selkirk Rex, it has curly hair, but unlike the Selkirk Rex, it is not very fluffy and has a more restrained volume.
Although it is still not very well-known in Japan, this breed of cat has many secrets. Let’s explore those secrets right away!