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Pallas’s Cat

Have you ever heard of a animal called a pallas’s cat, which is characterized by its fluffy fur and stubby body shape?
Since they are only kept in a limited number of zoos, some people may have heard of the pallas’s cat for the first time, and not many people may have actually met the real thing.
The pallas’s cat, also known as the “world’s oldest cat,” is a very interesting animal that adapts to living in an environment that can sometimes reach minus 50°C.
Let’s take a peek together in this article to see what characteristics and secrets the pallas’s cat has!


What would you say if asked, “What animals have been living together with humans since ancient times? What would you say?
The answer to this question…Yes, the canine, which is a very familiar animal to us.
Dogs are often seen not only when walking around town, but also on TV, social networking sites, and other media, but surprisingly, many people may not know much about their history and background.
In this article, we’ll take a look at what characteristics and secrets canines have and how they live together!


Have you ever heard of Okapi, one of the world’s three most rare animals?
Okapi has a zebra-like stripe pattern, but it is actually a mysterious animal called a member of the giraffe family.
Okapi is an interesting animal that has only been discovered for about 100 years, and there are still many things we don’t understand.
Let’s take a sneak peek at what features and secrets Okapi has in this article!


The cat café boom has been ignited, and cats are becoming more and more popular as pets these days! Cats are famous for their fickle and self-paced nature. I know it’s popular, but I’m sure there are many things you don’t know much about the original ecology of cats.
Why don’t you join us in exploring the secrets of cats filled with wonders?


Pigs are very famous animals that everyone knows, with their curly tails and large noses.
Pigs are very familiar animals, but surprisingly, many people have never seen them up close.
Once you know the secret of pigs, you may be able to see them differently when you meet them at the ranch or zoo.
Now let’s take a sneak peek at what characteristics and secrets pigs have!


Capybaras are rodent animals that are famous for their laid-back expressions and their love of hot springs.
Capybaras have very large bodies, but did you know that they are actually a member of the mouse family, just like guinea pigs and hamsters?
If you know the very interesting features of capybaras here and there on their bodies, you may enjoy looking at them more.
What are the characteristics and secrets of the capybara, which is said to be one of the largest rodents in the world? Let’s take a sneak peek!


The wolf is the largest and strongest of the canines, and is a representative of the canine family.
In addition to its cool appearance, wolves have a somewhat mysterious atmosphere, such as howling, which is not seen in other animals, and have been used as a motif for various stories and characters since ancient times.
Whether you have an image of wolves as cool or, conversely, as vicious and scary, knowing the characteristics and history of wolves may change the image you have of them.
Now let’s take a sneak peek at what kind of characteristics and secrets wolves have!


Leopards are a member of the cat family with a beautiful spotted pattern called a “leopard print.
Leopards are as strong and good-looking as lions and tigers, which are also members of the same feline family, and are one of the most popular animals in zoos.
By the way, why do leopards have such a flashy pattern?
Let’s take a sneak peek at what characteristics and secrets leopards have!


Cheetahs are a member of the feline family, famous for being the “fastest running creatures in the world.
Its maximum speed is said to be as high as 110 kilometers per hour, but why can Cheetahs run so fast?
Once you learn the secrets of a cheetah’s body and speed, you may enjoy watching cheetahs at the zoo.
Now let’s take a sneak peek at what characteristics and secrets cheetahs have!


A tiger with a distinctive stripe pattern is also known as the “king of the jungle. Tigers are one of the most popular animals because they are strong and good-looking.
Did you know that such tigers actually have an unexpected side to them that they are not very good at hunting? Let’s take a sneak peek at what traits and secrets tigers have!