Earth’s largest mammal whale!
Why are they mammals even though they live in the ocean? Do you know what mammals are?
Let’s take a look at these questions about whales together.



~ Basic information. ~

Kingdom Animalia-Phylum Chordata-Vertebrata-Gnathostomata-Class Mammalia-Theria-Eutheria-Laurasiatheria-Order Cetartiodactyla-Order Cetacea.

Length 2.1m~34.5m.
Weight 135㎏~190t.

Where you live.
There is no specific habitat.

Originally, they were believed to inhabit only warm seas, but their adaptation range has expanded through the process of evolution. Some whales now inhabit areas near the North and South Poles as well as warm seas.




Whale’s Q&A.

Why are whales mammals and not fish?

Whales are said to be the largest mammals on Earth, but humans are also mammals.

Mammals are classified as animals that breathe through their lungs and give birth to and raise their young.

Is it true that whales can’t breathe underwater?

Creatures that live in water, such as fish, breathe through their gills, but whales breathe through their lungs.

In other words, whales hold their breath like humans while they are diving in the ocean. When they start to feel short of breath, they come up to the surface to take a breath.

They can dive for 1-2 hours on one breath. The whale with the longest diving record among mammals is the Cuvier’s beaked whale, which can dive for 2 hours and 17 minutes and 30 seconds.


How do whales give birth to children?

Whales are born as babies that look like adults, not as eggs.

They start swimming as soon as they are born and usually give birth to one whale at a time.
After giving birth to the cubs, the mother whale nurses them for a while.

Until the baby whale reaches a certain size, the mother swims alongside it.


What do whales eat?

What do you think whales with big bodies eat?

Actually, whales eat very small creatures such as small fish and krill. They eat a lot, but they eat very little.

Depending on the type of whale, it is said that they eat about 4% of their body weight per day.


Do whales attack people?

Whales do not attack humans.

However, it is not safe to approach whales carelessly even though they do not intentionally attack humans.

As mentioned earlier, their food consists of small creatures such as small fish and krill, which they swallow along with seawater by opening their large mouths wide. Due to their size, there is a possibility that humans could be swallowed along with the seawater.

Also, if a boat collides with a whale, even unintentionally, it could capsize if it is small enough, and people could be attacked by the whale without any malicious intent.

Please do not approach whales carelessly even if you find them.


How do whales sleep?

Whales sleep in the water, of course.

However, if they fall into a deep sleep like humans do, they may not be able to breathe and could die.

Whales can continue swimming even while sleeping because they rest their right and left brains alternately so that one side is always awake.

This sleeping pattern of resting the right and left brains alternately is common among mammals other than whales.


What is a whale squirting?

When you think of whales, you may imagine the spouting of water from their heads.

But what is that? When whales exhale, they blow away the seawater on their bodies and the seawater in their nostrils used for breathing.

The size of the spout varies depending on the type and size of the whale.


Is it true that there are white whales?

This is true.

This pure white whale discovered in Australia in July 2016 is named Milgar and seems to be so popular that newspapers and special programs are organized.

The reason why white whales are born is due to albinism, a disease caused by melanin abnormalities that can occur in any animal and is characterized by a completely white body.

Do you know the difference between a dolphin and a whale?

Whales and dolphins are popular at aquariums and swim leisurely with their large bodies.

Although whales and dolphins are quite different, there is no clear difference between them in biological classification.

Among whales, some small toothed whale with a body length of less than 4m when they become adults are called dolphins.

However, since there is no clear difference, the difference between whales and dolphins is quite ambiguous.



Type of whale.

●Baleen whale.
・Bowhead Whale.
・North Atlantic right whale.
・North Pacific right whale.
・Blue Whale.
・Fin whale.
・Sei whale.
・Bryde’s whale.
・Minke whale.
・Southern Minke Whale.
・Gray whale.

●Toothed whale.
・Sperm whale.
・Dwarf sperm whale.
・Ganges and Indus River Dolphin.
・Ganges dolphin.
・Indus River dolphin.
・Chinese River Dolphin.
・Amazon river dolphin.
・White whale.
・Finless porpoise.
・Spectacled porpoise.
・Harbour Porpoise.
・Burmeister’s porpoise.
・Dall’s Porpoise.


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