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We’ve created this page to share the guiding principles behind the [Doubutsu Kanzen Daihyakka]animalbook.jp for those who have taken an interest in our work. We’d appreciate it if you would take the time to read through them.

No.1 Protecting the future for our children

We want to preserve our Mother Earth for future generations.

The Earth we live on is a truly wonderful place. The vast land is home to numerous plants, and the forests offer a fresh, breathtaking scent of trees while the voices of birds flying above the expansive woods resonate. At the sea, we enjoy the pleasant sound of waves and benefit from being able to eat various kinds of fish. This is a miracle woven by diverse ecosystems. We disseminate information to pass on this miracle to the future.

No.2 Creating what doesn’t yet exist, making the ordinary extraordinary

We want to provide an environment where even those who are not interested can learn and gain knowledge.

We are committed to this project with the goal of expressing interesting and intriguing facts about all animals, presenting their characteristics and traits in a way that is easy for anyone to understand, and creating an environment where everyone can gain knowledge about them.

In our everyday lives, there aren’t many opportunities to learn about animals. The information provided by TV programs, entertaining pet videos, and cute pet photos are all enjoyable and wonderful, but they are only a small part of the information available.

However, is it true that all the animals we know are just about fun, cuteness, and providing comfort?

Are you aware that there are animals whose survival has become difficult due to habitat destruction caused by human activities in pursuit of a prosperous life?

Furthermore, did you know that in our daily lives, we actually rely on the help of animals in various ways? For example, the use of ducks in rice farming, known as the Aigamo method, is one such instance.

The concept behind the launch of this “[Doubutsu Kanzen Daihyakka] animalbook.jp.” is to provide information that sparks interest even in those who might think they know about animals but actually don’t, or those who have never paid much attention to them. This was the beginning of the “[Doubutsu Kanzen Daihyakka] animalbook.jp.”

No.3 We also want to learn from the animals

Living means protecting someone.

We humans are considered to be at the top of the animal kingdom due to our vast amount of information and knowledge. However, when we look closer, there is still much to learn from other animals.

If humans could replicate spider silk, we could create stronger and lighter materials, and if we understood the mechanism of color-changing pigments used in mimicry, becoming invisible might not be just a dream.

Humans are also a part of the animal kingdom, and our sole purpose in life is to survive and leave descendants. We protect our family, both by blood and within our groups. Even if we are not the main character, we must respect the animals that diligently fulfill their roles.

By learning about their ecology and characteristics, even just a little, we hope to learn to take an interest in others who are different from us. We want humanity to develop a compassionate heart towards not only other humans but also other species. While it may seem like something everyone should naturally be able to do, we want to make this “obvious” thing “even more obvious” and offer a little help in achieving it.

No.4 We want to create a world where people can make a living by doing what they love.

We all love animals.

As we grow up, we work and make a living by receiving compensation for our labor. The same goes for the animal world. As animals mature, it becomes natural for them to find their own food and protect their families.

The Animal Encyclopedia project, which aims to introduce animals from all over the world, might be an opportunity for you, who love animals, to turn your passion into a career.

We believe that doing what you love and what you want to do is the key to creating something truly valuable.

We aim to make everyone involved in the [Doubutsu Kanzen Daihyakka]animalbook.jp happy, with the help of the animals’ power.

No.5 Ultimately, if people can enjoy it, that’s good enough for us.

Let’s search for interesting things in the [Doubutsu Kanzen Daihyakka]animalbook.jp!

Thank you for reading this far. We have presented four principles so far, but now we will explain the fifth and most important principle.

Let’s create something that we, as creators, find enjoyable!

This feeling is the strongest one. We believe that in order to provide something that everyone will enjoy, we need to create something that we ourselves find the most enjoyable.

As we believe that you have come this far for some reason, we would be grateful if you could enjoy the “[Doubutsu Kanzen Daihyakka]animalbook.jp“.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

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