When it comes to rhinoceroses, their large horns are their distinctive feature.
They are animals that can often be seen in zoos.
However, their numbers have been decreasing in recent years due to poaching and other factors.
Let’s take a closer look at what rhinoceroses are like.



~ Basic information. ~


Sumatran Rhinoceros. Length:約2.4~3m weight約800~1000㎏.

White Rhinoceros. Length:約3.5~4.2m weight:約3500㎏.

Rhinoceroses are divided into two habitats: Africa and Southeast Asia.
Rhinoceroses generally live alone.
As an exception, young female rhinoceroses sometimes form groups.
They mainly eat plants such as grass, leaves, bark, branches, and fruits.


During the day when the sun is shining, they rest in the shade or take mud baths.
They start moving around in search of food from around sunset.

Males have territories and claim their territory using their feces and urine.
When food is scarce, other rhinoceroses may invade their territory in search of food and they may be attacked.


In a previous incident in India, a female rhinoceros was killed by a male after she entered his territory looking for her child and interrupted their mating.
Rhinoceroses can be aggressive when their mating is interrupted.

Males fight for mating rights and the strongest male who wins the fight can mate with the female.
Rhinoceroses mate for a long time and it takes more than 30 minutes for one mating to complete.
Since they are large animals, it must be difficult to maintain the mating position for more than 30 minutes.

If mating is successful and the female becomes pregnant, she will give birth about 15-18 months later.
The gestation period varies depending on the type of rhinoceros.

There is still much unknown about rhinoceros breeding and since the number of rhinoceroses is decreasing, it is difficult to artificially breed them.
I hope that research will continue so that rhinoceroses will not become extinct.



Rhinoceros’s Q&A.

How long does a rhinoceros have eyesight?

Rhinoceroses have very poor eyesight and it is difficult for them to distinguish objects.
They cannot see beyond about 30 meters and sometimes cannot even judge objects about 5-6 meters away.

Therefore, rhinoceroses are very cautious and if they recognize a moving object as an enemy, they will charge at it with their strong horns.
It would be very dangerous to be charged at and hit by their horns.


How fast can rhinos run?

Although rhinoceroses appear to be unable to run fast due to their large size, they can actually run at speeds of up to 50 km/h.
This speed is not for escaping but for attacking enemies.
If they charge at you with that speed, humans would not be able to escape.


Is it true that rhino horns are claws, not bones?

Although rhinoceros horns appear to protrude from the bone, they are actually made of keratin fibers.

This keratin is the same as the components of our hair, nails, and skin.
Rhinoceros horns grow continuously like our hair.
Therefore, rhinoceroses use rocks and other hard surfaces to sharpen and shape their horns.


Why do rhinos bathe in mud?

There are two reasons why rhinoceroses take mud baths.

The first is that the mud acts as an insect repellent.
They use it to protect themselves from flies and parasites.

The second is that it protects their skin from the sun’s rays in hot regions such as Africa.
In areas where ultraviolet rays are very strong, such as Africa, the skin tends to dry out easily, so they coat themselves with mud.


Why are rhinos poached?

The reason why rhinoceroses are poached is because of their horns.
Rhinoceros horns are very valuable and are targeted by poachers.

Why are rhinoceros horns so valuable?
It is because they are believed to be useful for health promotion and medicinal purposes in regions such as China and Vietnam.

It is okay to take the part of the horn that does not have nerves, but poachers try to pull it out from the root as much as possible, which kills the rhinoceros.
Rhinoceroses are strong but we humans are their only natural enemy.
Let’s not forget that we have taken many rhinoceros lives due to our selfish actions.


Is it true that rhinos react to “fire”?

Rhinoceroses are also known as “forest firefighters”.
Why are they called that?

When a forest fire occurs, rhinoceroses come and put out the fire by stepping on it with their feet.
It is not clear why they react to fire.

When humans make a campfire in rhinoceros habitats, rhinoceroses may think it is a fire and run towards it.
They do not target humans, but if you are near the campfire, you may be attacked together with the fire.




Type of rhinoceros.

・Indian Rhinoceros.
・Black Rhinoceros.
・White Rhinoceros.
・Sumatran Rhinoceros.
・Javan Rhinoceros.



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