Do you know a rabbit called Rex? If you know or have heard of it, you might be quite a rabbit expert.
Actually, this rabbit is rarely seen in Japan, and you would be lucky if you find a house that keeps it.
On this page, we introduce some of the unknown secrets of Rex. Why don’t we take a peek at those secrets right away?



~ Basic information. ~

Country of origin France.

Senior / male 6 months or more 3.4kg~4.31kg.

Senior / female 6 months or more 3.63kg~4.76kg.

Junior / male Less than 6 months less than 3.63 kg.

Junior / female Less than 6 months Less than 3.86kg.
※American Rabbit Breeders Association(ARBA)standards.

Rex is said to be a breed that was born from a mutation that occurred in a rabbit that lived in the wild. The trigger was in 1919, when a slightly unusual rabbit was found on a farm in France.

This event also reached the ears of a rabbit breeder named Monsieur Amedee Gillet, who liked the rabbit he found on the farm very much and decided to look for other similar rabbits. Then he found another rabbit that looked similar.

Monsieur Amedee Gillet immediately started crossbreeding these two rabbits as the base. As a result of improving the breed as a fur rabbit, the current Rex was completed. And in the 1920s, it is said that it was officially registered as a breed.

By the way, Rex was originally called Beaver, but later renamed Castor Rex. Finally, it was fixed with the name Rex. There is also a breed called Mini Rex that looks similar to Rex, so it is sometimes called Standard Rex.




Rex’s Q&A.

Where does Rex get its name?

Rex means king. It was named Rex because it was called the king of the rabbit world at that time.


What are the color variations of Rex?

■Types of body colors.

・Black Otter.

■Types of eye color.

There are blue-gray, brown, and ruby-red eyes.

■Types of hairs.

Rex is only a short-haired breed.


What does Rex look like?

It has a body type called commercial. It has a well-fleshed body overall, including the face, head, chest, and buttocks. It has ears that are not too big or too small, but its legs are slightly short. Also, some females have a ring of flesh under their necks like a lifebuoy.

Since it was originally made as a fur rabbit, the texture of its coat is close to velvet and of high quality and luxury. By the way, the ideal length is said to be 1.58 cm.


Where can I find Rex?

There is a breed called Mini Rex that looks similar to Rex, but in Japan, this Mini Rex is more popular. Therefore, it seems difficult to find a breeder who raises Rex. There are also Rex breeders overseas, so if you have a friend who lives abroad, you might find it easier to look for them from this route.


How much does it cost to buy Rex?

When keeping animals, you may need to follow the laws set by each country. This time, we will talk about keeping Rex at home in Japan.

It costs about 40,000 to 70,000 yen. Also, rabbits that have a chance of winning prizes at rabbit shows are called “show type”, and rabbits that have no problem keeping at home are called “pet type”. If it is a show type Rex, it may be a little more expensive.


Is it true that Rex’s beard is very short?

To conclude, it is true. Although there are individual differences, basically Rex’s whiskers are shorter and more curly than other short-haired breeds. According to one theory, when creating a more beautiful Rex coat, the whiskers degenerated as a backlash.

In any case, the exact reason is not clear yet, and hopefully this mystery will be solved someday as research on Rex progresses.


I want to know more about Rex’s personality!

The personality is relatively that males are more clingy and females are more cool. Also, males have a strong territorial sense and may spray urine as a courtship behavior to their owners. Females are usually cool, but they become more temperamental during estrus or pregnancy to protect their children. These are some of the characteristics that can be seen.


What are the diseases that Rex is susceptible to?

Some of the diseases that Rex is prone to are “Rabbit Gastrointestinal Syndrome (RGIS)”, “Malocclusion”, and “Sore Hock (Pododermatitis)”.

①Rabbit Gastrointestinal Syndrome (RGIS).

Rabbits sometimes accidentally swallow their hair after grooming. If the swallowed hair comes out with the feces, there is no problem, but if a large amount of hair clogs the digestive tract, it can cause loss of appetite or inability to defecate.

This disease used to be called “hairball disease” because it was caused by hair, but recent research has shown that it is not only hair that clogs the digestive tract, and it is now called “Rabbit Gastrointestinal Syndrome” for simplicity.

Rabbit Gastrointestinal Syndrome can affect all rabbits, so to prevent it, feed them fibrous timothy (hay), exercise them, give them plenty of water to prevent dehydration, and brush them by the owner. These are the points to be careful of.


Some of the symptoms are difficulty eating food and drinking water. Rabbit teeth grow throughout their lives, so they usually prevent overgrowth by chewing on wood and eating fiber-rich food, but for some reason, if the teeth are not worn down, the bite may become bad.

If malocclusion progresses, it can cause loss of appetite or diseases such as nasolacrimal duct stenosis, so if the way of eating is different from usual or if there is something wrong with the growth of the teeth, we recommend consulting a veterinarian.

③Sore Hock (Pododermatitis).

It is called pododermatitis, and it may develop if you continue to live a life that puts a strain on your feet. If you put slats in the cage and carpets or mats on the flooring, you can reduce the burden on your feet, so please create a stress-free environment for them.

How long does Rex last?

It is about 5 to 10 years. The average lifespan of a general rabbit is 6 to 8 years, so it tends to live longer.




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