The lion is known as the King of the Hundred Beasts!
It is one of the most popular animals among children because it is very strong in the world of carnivores.
Even such a cool lion seems to have a hard time living in the harsh nature.
Let’s take a look at how lions usually live!



~ Basic information. ~

Mammalia-Carnivora-Felidae-Leopard genus.

Male length:170-250cm weight:150-225 kg.

Female length:140-175cm weight:120-182 kg.

Their main habitats are savannas and grasslands, but they also live in forested bushes and grasslands.

Lions basically live in packs called “pride”.
There is a fixed number of animals per group, from 1 to 3 males to about 15 females.

Males also play a role in protecting females in the herd and preventing other males from attacking the herd.

Lions are carnivores, so they mainly catch and eat medium- to large-sized animals.
Small mammals are also hunted.

They may also intercept animals that other lions have caught.




Lion’s Q&A.

Why is it that only male lions have manes?

Male lions have a hormone called testosterone in their bodies.
Incidentally, it is a hormone that also exists in human males.

Lions with strong or large bodies are deeply affected by this hormone.
When a lot of this testosterone is secreted, the mane of the male lion turns black and magnificent.

One of the reasons why many hormones are secreted is because many animals are killed,
it is said that this is when they start to gain confidence as males.

By the way, the more magnificent your mane is, the more popular you will be with meth lions as a sign of your strength.
It is said that a male lion with a magnificent mane can leave many offspring.


What is pride, a pack of lions?

As mentioned in the basic information, the herd consists of one to three males and about 15 females and children.
Why is it called pride? There are several stories, but we don’t actually know the details.

The male lion’s main job is to protect his territory and the females inside his pride, and to leave offspring, but the female lion’s job is to live mainly by raising children and hunting.

Raising a child is not only about taking care of your own child, but also about taking care of other female children.

When a male lion, a child raised in pride, becomes an adult,
Eventually, the brothers form a pack and start working to create their own pride.

So how do you acquire new pride?
It takes over other prides that have already been perfected.


And if the young male lion wins, a new leader will be born.
A male who loses must be killed or, if he is lucky, must leave his pride.

Also, after the female welcomes a new leader, there are even stricter rules waiting for her.
It is a rule that the children of the old leader must be killed by the male of the new leader.

The reason is that females with children do not go into heat.
If the female does not go into heat, the male of the new leader will not be able to produce offspring.

In other words, in order to keep their own children, the presence of the children of the old leader is a hindrance,
it is believed that such a rule was created.

The lioness doesn’t resist when her child is killed because she can’t go against the rules.

Do lions that hunt have good eyes?

There are many ways to look at how good your eyes are, so let’s talk about them one by one.

The lion can see things in the distance very well. You can also find prey from a distance of more than 1 km away.

It is said that they have a high ability to see moving objects and to find animals in the dark, since lions are naturally nocturnal.

It also has the ability to see animals in a three-dimensional way, with a wide range of vision with both eyes.

However, they are not good at identifying colors, and unlike humans, they can only see the scenery in black and white.


Do lions, the king of beasts, have enemies?

In the case of adult lions, they may be counterattacked by large buffalo animals during the hunt.
It is not uncommon for monkeys such as baboons to resist and run away.

In the case of a child lion, there are more enemies than you might think.
They can be attacked and eaten by hyenas and jackals.
In addition, it seems to be targeted by snakes and eagles,
even the lion, known as the King of the Beasts, is not invincible.


What happens to a male lion who is driven out of his pride?

As introduced in Lion’s Q&A,
male lions fight every day to protect their pride from other lions.

It is a battle of pride that can kill you in battle.
Even if they are able to survive, what will happen to the male lion who loses as a result?

In fact, most of the hunting is done by females, so males are not very good hunters.
And the male who loses the battle may be older than the young male.

I’m not a very good hunter, and I’m getting old, so I don’t have the strength left to take over my new pride.
Such lions are called so-called “nomad lions”.

Nomad lions are not strong creatures like large animals.
They will target and eat the weaker creatures.
Sometimes they attack people who happen to be nearby rather than fast-running herbivores.


Why are male lions so bad at hunting?

Basically, male lions are long and heavy,
this is because they have more endurance than female lions, which is necessary to chase animals.

Also, since the mane may be conspicuous,
if you try to approach your prey while hiding behind the grass, they will often find you.

Compared to male lions, female lions are smaller in length and weight, making them more suitable for hunting.
For this reason, hunting is considered to be the role of the female.

However, large animals such as elephants may not be able to compete with females alone.
In such cases, a powerful male lion may help.




Type of lion.

・Indian Lion (Asian Lion)
・Barbary Lion (Atlas Lion)
・Senegal Lion
・Ango Lion
・Transvaal Lion
・Masai Lion
・Cape Lion




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