Exotic Shorthair


Have you heard of the Exotic Shorthair cat?
Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, you might remember seeing its charming face somewhere!
Recently, it has been active as a pet talent in TV commercials and other media!
It is sometimes called “Ugly but cute cat” due to its unique facial features.
Why don’t we explore the secrets of this Exotic Shorthair cat that is more than just Ugly but cute?



~ Basic information. ~

Country of origin America.

Length 60-75cm. 

Weight male : 3-5.5kg female : 3-4kg.

The Exotic Shorthair is a relatively new breed of cat with a shallow history compared to other cats. It is said to have been created by two different events, although the purposes were different.

First, let me introduce the story of how breeding began with the purpose of “creating a short-haired Persian.”

After considering various options, the breeder thought that if he crossed a Persian with an American Shorthair, he might be able to produce a beautiful cat with green eyes and silver fur. However, the offspring were short-haired breeds with Persian faces.

Although it was slightly different from what he had imagined, this cat with a very cute face might become popular! The breeder was convinced of this and applied for breed registration with the CFA. In 1966, the Exotic Shorthair was officially recognized as a new breed of cat.

Initially, only cats with silver fur were recognized, so they were called “Sterling.” However, various cats with different fur colors were born more than expected, so it was renamed “Exotic” in the middle.

The second event is about breeding that began with the purpose of “creating a brown Persian.”

At this time, instead of an American Shorthair, they chose a cat called “Burmese” as the mating partner for Persian.

However, since many of the offspring were black instead of brown, it was difficult to create an ideal cat.

However, even though it had a flat nose and looked crushed, it had a charming face when you looked closely… Maybe it would be unexpectedly popular? The breeder thought that he wanted to establish this cat as a new breed.

Actually, during this era, undesirable breeding between breeds was said to have occurred. To protect the correct breed of Exotic Shorthair, they spread the idea that “if you want to breed Exotic Shorthair, cross Burmese and Persian. Then cross American Shorthair with the offspring and recognize only the offspring born there as Exotic Shorthair.” It is believed that this reduced excessive breeding.

I introduced two events that occurred when Exotic Shorthair was born. Since both events occurred around the same time period, it is not clear which one happened first.




Exotic Shorthair’s Q&A.

Where does the Exotic Shorthair get its name?

The exact reason is not clear. However, it is possible that the breed was named “Exotic” because of its distinctive and charming facial features and the variety of colors of its fur.


What are the color variations of Exotic Shorthair?

■Types of body colors.

The Exotic Shorthair comes in a variety of colors, including blue, black, cream, white, chocolate, red, cinnamon, lilac, and fawn.

■Types of patterns and color schemes.

・Solid color.
The entire body is a single color.

There are stripes or spots all over the body.

・Silver & Golden.
Only the tips of the hair are colored, and the base is white or a light color.

・Smoke & Shaded.
The tips of the overcoat are colored, and the remaining half is white.

・Party color.
Two colors are randomly mixed.

・Calico & Bicolor.
Half or one-third of the body is white, and the rest is composed of two or more colors.

・Tabby & White.
Half or one-third of the body is white, and the rest is composed of stripes or spots.

Only parts of the body such as the head, ears, legs, and tail are colored.

■Types of eye color.

Eye colors include blue, gold, green, copper, hazel, and odd-eyed.

■Hairy species.

The Exotic Shorthair is a short-haired breed only. There are also long-haired breeds that are registered as Exotic Longhair.


What does an exotic shorthair look like?

The Exotic Shorthair has a wide and round head, and its body shape is called cobby. It has large, round eyes, but small ears that are located low on the head. Its short nose looks as if it is crushed, and when viewed from the side, it appears to be straight from the forehead to the chin.

It has thick and short legs compared to its body size and a muscular physique. It feels particularly heavy from the shoulders to the waist. Although its tail is short, it has a well-balanced proportion with its body. The undercoat has thickness, so the fur has a fluffy texture.

Since it is a short-haired breed, it is easy to care for, and it is also called “lazy Persian” because it has Persian cat blood.


Why is the nose of the exotic shorthair crushed?

As mentioned in the basic information, the ancestor of the Exotic Shorthair is said to be the Persian. Actually, the Persian’s face is also low-nosed and has a crushed nose.

It is believed that the Exotic Shorthair also has a crushed nose due to strong inheritance of this genetic trait.


How much does it cost to buy an exotic shorthair?

When keeping animals, it is necessary to follow the laws established by each country. This time, I will talk about keeping Exotic Shorthairs at home in Japan.

If you purchase from a breeder or cattery, it will cost about 200,000 to 300,000 yen. The advantage is that you can check what kind of environment the cat grew up in and what kind of parents it has.

Also, depending on the personality of the breeder, the reliability may change, so it is desirable to make a reservation and visit.

In the case of a pet shop, the price ranges from 100,000 to 500,000 yen, but in some cases, you can buy it at a slightly lower price than from a breeder.

However, some shops breed cats indiscriminately, so it may be better to avoid purchasing from shops where the breeding source is unclear.

Since the circulation of Exotic Shorthairs is still low, it costs at least several tens of thousands of yen. Here are some conditions that further widen the price range:

・Being a kitten.
・Having excellent lineage.
・Having rare colors or patterns.
(Especially male calico cats are very rare.)

There are other conditions as well, but mainly if they apply to the above conditions, there is a tendency for the price to be high.

In addition, there are cases where people are looking for adoptive parents for adult Exotic Shorthairs.

Since the cost of visiting a hospital is often only a few tens of thousands of yen, if you don’t care about having a kitten, why not consider it as one of your options?

I want to know more about the personality and characteristics of the exotic shorthair!

①Basically calm and laid-back.

The Exotic Shorthair has a relaxed, gentle, and peaceful personality. It is a cat that combines the calmness of the Persian and the friendliness of the American Shorthair.

It is not shy around strangers, so it is easy to hold even for people other than its owner. Perhaps because of its laid-back personality, it often accepts nail clippings and baths, which most cats dislike.

Compared to other cats, it is not a type that moves around actively alone, but rather a type that wants to play with its owner.

②Since it is spoiled, it is easy for the owner to miss it.

The Exotic Shorthair has a charming personality that is affectionate and sometimes lonely. If it doesn’t get enough attention, it can become stressed, and if its owner pays too much attention to other cats, it may sulk and become jealous. Its human-like personality is one of the cute charm points of the Exotic Shorthair.

③The squeak is so cute!

The Exotic Shorthair is said to have a cute and delicate meowing voice, despite its heavy body. The gap between its calm atmosphere and its adorable meowing voice is one of the secrets of its popularity.

Males are relatively affectionate, while females tend to be more reserved. If you want to be close to your cat and take a lot of skinship, a male is recommended. If you want to spend time with your cat at a moderate distance, a female is recommended.

Of course, there are cats with completely opposite personalities, so it may be better to remember this as a reference only.

The Exotic Shorthair rarely meows loudly, but females may meow loudly during their estrus period. This is not much different from other breeds, so it is better to have them neutered if possible.

In the case of males, castration surgery can also prevent marking behavior such as spraying urine.

※If you keep animals, you need to follow the laws established by each country.


What are the diseases that Exotic Shorthair is susceptible to?

The Exotic Shorthair is susceptible to diseases due to its distinctive facial structure, and I will introduce other diseases that cats are relatively prone to in order.


“Epiphora” is a disease that causes so-called watery eyes, where tears accumulate around the eyes, resulting in inflammation and soreness.

Since the Exotic Shorthair has an extremely low nose, the facial structure crushes the nasolacrimal duct, making it easier for tears to accumulate than other cats. When the owner notices this, it can be prevented by wiping away the tears.

②Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

“Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy” is a disease in which the heart muscle thickens, making it difficult for the heart to contract properly.

Since it often develops due to genetics, specific prevention methods have not yet been found. Symptoms may not appear even after onset. Therefore, when you notice it, there is a risk of developing thrombosis and dying as it is.

So how can you detect the disease early? It is important to receive regular health checkups. There is no groundbreaking treatment for this disease, so it is difficult to cure it completely, but early treatment can slow down its progression.

③Multiple cystic kidneys.

“Polycystic kidney disease” is a disease in which many cysts are formed, and in the worst case, it can cause “renal failure.”

Specific prevention methods have not been found for polycystic kidney disease either. Since the incidence rate is high in elderly cats in particular, regular checkups can lead to early detection. Early treatment can also slow down the progression of the disease.


What is the lifespan of an exotic shorthair?

The lifespan of the Exotic Shorthair is said to be 10-14 years. The average lifespan of a cat is 12-16 years, so it’s a little shorter.

However, if you are aware of what diseases they are susceptible to and take care of them, there is a good chance that they will live a long life.




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