With its round eyes and innocent-looking face, frilly gills, and having recently become a popular pet, the axolotl is a creature that few people know much about.
Once you get to know them better, you’ll definitely want one as a pet!




~ Basic information. ~

Axolotl (Alias : Mexican walking fish).

Animalia Chordata Vertebrata Amphibia Caudata Ambystomatidae Ambystoma Ambystoma mexicanum.

Length 10-20㎝. Males are larger than females, with females up to 21 cm.

They inhabit environments with low water temperatures and low iodine levels.



Axolotl’s Q&A.

Where did the name Wooper Looper come from?

In English, it is called “Axolotl”, but in Japanese it is called “Wooper Looper”.
This time, we will introduce the origin of why it is called “Wooper Looper” in Japanese.

The scientific name of Wooper Looper is Mexico sansyouo, and the academic name (Japanese name) in Japan is Mexico salamander.

So where did the name Wooper Looper come from?
Actually, this name started with the TV commercial for Nissin Cup Noodle’s UFO that aired in 1985.
When a white Mexico salamander (Mexico sansyouo) appeared as a character named Wooper Looper who came from space in the Nissin Cup Noodle UFO, it became very popular as a pet due to its cute appearance.

At that time, it was sold as Wooper Looper instead of its official name Mexico salamander, so the name Wooper Looper has become recognized even today.


How many types of Axolotl are there?

There are basically five types of axolotls, with various color variations.

This is the type that comes to mind first when you hear the word “axolotl”.
It has a white body and black eyes.
It is an individual born from a mutation.

The entire body and eyes are white.
The difference from Leucistic is that the eyes are white or red, and it has weaker eyesight than other types of axolotls.


It has a greenish body with black spots.
There is also considerable variation in the pattern of marbling, so you can look for your favorite pattern.
It is popular because it is said to be the color closest to wild individuals.


It is called Golden if it is albino and has a strong yellow color and a pattern that looks like glitter on its body.
Like albino, it is said to have weak eyesight, but it has a tough personality because of its strong appetite.

It has an all-black body, and among them, individuals with a strong blue color when they are small are called Blue and are sometimes sold, but the difference becomes unclear when they become adults.


Can I keep Axolotl?

When keeping animals, it is necessary to follow the laws established by each country.
This time, we will introduce whether it is possible to keep Axolotl at home in Japan.

The axolotl, which became very popular as a pet, is easy to keep not only because of its cute appearance but also because of its ease of care.

Like when buying goldfish, you can keep them if you have a water tank, a hiding place, and a dechlorinator.
In addition, it is often allowed to buy them even in apartments where pets are not allowed because they cannot survive outside the water tank.

It can be said that it is quite easy to take care of as a pet because it has no noise or smell.


Can I keep many Axolotl?

It is generally not recommended to keep multiple axolotls together.
The same goes for cohabitation with other creatures such as fish other than axolotls.

Axolotls basically have poor eyesight, especially albino and golden ones, but other types of axolotls do not see things clearly.
They have a habit of eating by biting things that are moving in front of them or by their smell.

Therefore, if you keep multiple axolotls together or cohabitate with other creatures, there is a possibility that they will mistake them for food and eat them or engage in cannibalism.
It is not uncommon for them to bite off their gills, limbs, tails, or swallow them whole if there are individual differences.

Therefore, it is generally recommended to keep one axolotl at a time.


How long does Axolotl last?

The basic lifespan is said to be 5-8 years, but with proper care, they can live for more than 10 years.

The axolotl that lived the longest among those confirmed was an axolotl that was kept in Paris, France and lived for 25 years.


Can you eat Axolotl?

It is edible.

It is said to have a bland taste and is delicious, but dishes where axolotls are fried as they are are quite popular as a bizarre food in some restaurants.

However, be aware that the sight of fried axolotls piled up on a plate is quite shocking and is considered viewer discretion advised, so please be careful when searching.




Type of axolotl.



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