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Mini Rex

What kind of rabbit is small but beautiful? That’s right! It’s the ‘mini rex’. Some people in Japan love mini rexes too, so maybe you have heard their name before.
They have a lot of color variations and are suitable as pets, so they are easy to keep even for beginners.
Let’s find out more about the secrets of the mini rex!


Do you know a rabbit called Rex? If you know or have heard of it, you might be quite a rabbit expert.
Actually, this rabbit is rarely seen in Japan, and you would be lucky if you find a house that keeps it.
On this page, we introduce some of the unknown secrets of Rex. Why don’t we take a peek at those secrets right away?

Satin Angora

Have you ever heard of a rabbit called “Satin Angora”? Honestly, it’s not often seen in Japan, so many people may be hearing about it for the first time!
To briefly explain, it looks very similar to French Angora with its fluffy, ball-like body and cute face peeking out. However, it actually has some different characteristics from French Angora.
So where is the difference? Let’s go find out the secret right away!

English Lop

Speaking of rabbits with surprisingly large and droopy ears, we have the English Lop.
They have large ears and a large body, and are said to be the oldest breed of lop-eared rabbits in history.
Since they are not often seen in Japan, some people may be hearing their name for the first time.
Would you like to explore more about the English Lop, also known as the ancestor of small lop-eared rabbits?

American Fuzzy Lop

Have you ever heard of the American Fuzzy Lop?
When you think of America, you might imagine a rabbit with a large and robust body like other rabbits.
However, the American Fuzzy Lop is a very cute animal with fluffy fur and droopy ears on its small body.
Would you like to explore the world of rabbits, also known as Amefaji, and discover their secrets?

French Lop

“French Lop” is a breed of domestic rabbit that is known for its droopy ears and plump and round body shape.
Although there are several other breeds of lop-eared rabbits, French Lop is considered the largest of them all.
While small rabbits like Holland Lop are also cute, French Lop looks like a giant stuffed animal!
Why not explore its hidden charm?

Holland Lop

The Holland Lop is a cute rabbit with a small size and droopy ears!
It is one of the popular pet rabbits, and it has interesting features and comes in a variety of colors!
If you see one somewhere, please observe it while paying attention to what is written here!

Jersey Wooly

Did you know that the Jersey Wooly rabbit, a name not often heard in Japan, has an unforgettable cute appearance?
It has small ears and body with fluffy fur.
It is called a rabbit that moves like a stuffed animal.
Let’s take a quick tour of the yet unseen world of the Jersey Wooly!

Dwarf Hotot

Dwarf Hotot is a rabbit with exotic eyeliner around its eyes and a dignified appearance!
You hardly see them in pet shops, so many people must have been surprised to see such a rabbit!
Why don’t you take a peek at the secrets of this slightly rare dwarf hotot?


Do you know the rabbit called Himalayan?
By the way, there is also a cat breed called Himalayan, but do you know which one got the name Himalayan first?
Actually, it was the ‘rabbit’!
The cat was named after the rabbit’s Himalayan because it looked similar.
Let’s explore the secrets of the Himalayan that has such a mystery!