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Horses have gentle eyes and their running figure is cool and exciting to watch. They are animals that can be found in many places, such as zoos, where you can experience horseback riding or touch them.
However, there are still many things that we don’t know about horses. What are the secrets of their bodies? Can I understand how horses feel? Let’s learn more about horses and become friends with them!


Hedgehogs are popular for being “cute” with their cute faces and small bodies, despite their appearance that is covered with spines all over and scary to touch carelessly.
Their legs are short, and their curled-up figure is adorable, and they have become more common as pets. However, they are not as common as dogs or cats, and you do not often see them in the wild.
Let’s take a look at the ecology of hedgehogs not only as pets, but also as wild animals.


When you think of rays, you might imagine their fish-like bodies and their flapping swimming style.
Their graceful appearance is popular at aquariums, and some children watch them with fascination. Their large size can impress the viewers, but did you know that there are also small rays that are about 10 cm long?
Actually, there are many kinds of rays, and there are many things that are not commonly known about them. Let’s take a look at the ecology of rays, which have many mysteries.


Have you ever heard of an animal called an echidle?
It is a rare mammal that lays eggs, similar in name and appearance to hedgehogs, but different from mice and moles.Echidnas, also known as rare beasts and living fossils, actually have many mysterious things.Would you like to peek into the mysterious world of echidnas together?


Marmots are charming animals that stand on their hind legs. In the Alps region, such as Switzerland, marmot stuffed animals and other souvenirs are very popular. But marmots can also make amazing screams that you wouldn’t expect from their cute appearance.
Marmots have many other attractions and surprising behaviors. Let’s find out more about marmots.


The reindeer that comes with Santa Claus on Christmas is a favorite character of children all over the world.
But how much do you know about the animal reindeer?
It seems that you know, but when you think about it, there seems to be a lot of things you don’t know.
Let’s find out about the animal reindeer and the reindeer that carry Santa Claus on board!


Speaking of guppies, they are famous tropical fish, and many people know them, don’t they? With a body of different colors, a beautiful tail fin that spreads widely, guppies are tropical fish packed with charm.
However, there must be many people who are not familiar with ecology. So this time, we will tell you the secrets of guppies. Let’s take a look together.


Have you heard of a bird called a puffin?
It’s a humorous and cute seabird with a large, colorful beak and a slightly troubled-looking face. Although it is a bird, it can swim in the sea as if it were flying.
There seems to be a lot to learn about puffins. Let’s look it up!


Do you know hyenas, strangely shaped wild animals that live in Africa and Asia?
Since it appears in TV shows and Disney movies “The Lion King”, many people will know its name and appearance.
And when you hear its name, many people may associate it with a bad image such as “creepy” or “mean”.
Are hyenas really creepy and mean animals? Let’s take a peek at what characteristics and secrets hyenas have in this article!


The beautiful butterfly flutters from flower to flower, completely different from its appearance as a caterpillar or larva.

The transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is full of wonder and mystery.

Let’s go and search for the mysteries of the butterfly that make us want to ask, “How do they know that?” and “How do they do that?”