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When it comes to the most familiar reptiles in Japan, geckos come to mind.
They have been living in Japan for a long time, and many people may have been surprised by their appearance sticking to the outside of windows.
Many people have a dislike for reptiles, but it is also true that they are popular for their cute eyes and small bodies.
However, most people do not know much about the ecology of geckos, even though they are close to us. Let’s take a look at their ecology and some common questions.


When you think of reptiles, many people probably think of snakes.
It’s an animal that can easily be divided into likes and dislikes. Recently, the number of people who keep them as pets is also increasing. Let’s explore what kind of charm snakes have!


It’s a crocodile with a big mouth and a rough body!
Is it really just a ferocious creature? And there is a hidden secret that makes you want to eat crocodile meat!
Let’s take a closer look at crocodiles!


When it comes to turtles, their slow movements and shells are characteristic.
They are also familiar creatures that can be kept as pets.
However, there are problems such as abandonment and an increase in invasive species.
Let’s take a closer look at turtles.


Do you know how many kinds of lizards exist?
Actually, there are said to be more than 4000 species of lizards. You will be surprised by the large number of them! And the charm of lizards is their “individuality”.
Their size, face, body shape, features, and skin texture vary greatly depending on the type of lizard.
Perhaps because of their rich individuality, lizards are popular as pets. Let’s explore more about lizards!

Armadillo Girdled Lizard

Do you know an armadillo girdled lizard, a dragon-like lizard with spiny scales?
Sometimes it gets talked about on animal shows and SNS, so some people may know the name.
I don’t know if it’s an armadillo or a lizard, they have a very mysterious name, and they have a lot of interesting features that other lizards do not have.
Let’s find out together what features and secrets the armadillo girdled lizard has in this article!


Do you know the iguana, a large lizard that looks like a dinosaur that lives mainly in South America?
Since they have appeared on TV programs and SNS and are bred in zoos, many people may have seen them.
While iguanas are popular as pets, they are often abandoned because they can no longer be tamed.
Let’s find out together what characteristics and secrets iguanas have in this article!