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Sea Slug

Do you know the creature called “sea slug”?
Some people may have heard of it as a mysterious creature that has become a topic of conversation.
It has become popular because of its colorful appearance and distinctive body shape.
The colorful hues are truly beautiful and it is also called the “jewel of the sea”.
What kind of creature do you think sea slugs belong to?
Actually, they belong to the “snail” family.
However, it is hard to believe because there is no shell.
Many species of sea slugs have degraded shells, but some species still carry shells on their backs.
What other ecology is hidden?
Let’s explore sea slugs together!


Octopuses are marine mollusks that are known for their wriggling arms and impressive suction cups.
Their unique appearance has made them a popular subject in fantasy works as monsters.
They are often used as food in our homes, so it’s rare to see a live octopus. In other words, it can be said that we hardly know anything about octopuses.
It is known that octopuses have strong suction cups and can spit ink, but the more you learn about them, the more you realize how mysterious they are as creatures.
Let’s explore the ecology of octopuses together so that more people can learn about them.


Recently, the giant squid has been a hot topic and you can often see squid in home cooking such as sashimi, fried food, grilled food, and surimi!
Squid is a familiar creature, but how much do you know about it?
Let’s learn more about squid!