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When you think of rays, you might imagine their fish-like bodies and their flapping swimming style.
Their graceful appearance is popular at aquariums, and some children watch them with fascination. Their large size can impress the viewers, but did you know that there are also small rays that are about 10 cm long?
Actually, there are many kinds of rays, and there are many things that are not commonly known about them. Let’s take a look at the ecology of rays, which have many mysteries.


Speaking of guppies, they are famous tropical fish, and many people know them, don’t they? With a body of different colors, a beautiful tail fin that spreads widely, guppies are tropical fish packed with charm.
However, there must be many people who are not familiar with ecology. So this time, we will tell you the secrets of guppies. Let’s take a look together.


If you were asked “What is your favorite animal?”, many people would think of some kind of animal.
However, it may be difficult to think of something when asked “What is your favorite fish?” Even if you do think of something, it may be about fish as an ingredient.
As for fish as an ingredient, Japanese people are thought to like tuna by people overseas. Indeed, tuna is a familiar ingredient for Japanese people in general households and restaurants.
However, I get the impression that not many people know about the ecology of tuna. So let’s take a closer look at the ecology of tuna!

Spotted Garden Eel

The spotted garden eel that peeks out its long body from the sand!
It has a very cute appearance with striped patterns and orange colors, and it is a hidden popular creature in the aquarium, but do you know why the spotted garden eel burrows into the sand and what kind of food it eats?
Let’s learn more about the cute spotted garden eel!


When you hear the word “deep-sea fish,” what fish do you imagine? I think most people don’t know the types and names of deep-sea fish, but many people think of monkfish.
Monkfish have a grotesque form, but in fact, they are also major fish that are edible in Japan. However, few people know about its ecology as a species.
So, this time, let’s take a closer look at the monkfish, which is a familiar deep-sea fish that can also be eaten!
In this article, unless otherwise stated, we will focus on monkfish, which is also known as the blackmouth angler.

Anemone Fish

Anemone Fish is a fish that became famous in Disney’s movie “Finding Nemo.”
Many species have a bright orange color with patterns.
Anemone Fish always seems to be hiding in sea anemones.
Is it because it is a shy fish?
Let’s explore what kind of fish Anemone Fish actually is together.


Sunfish is a popular fish known for its large body and charming face. Its unique form, unlike that of ordinary fish, has an impact that is unforgettable once seen.
Although it is a well-known fish, its ecology is still shrouded in mystery. Let’s take a closer look at the ecology that is currently known.


Sharks are often portrayed as scary creatures in American movies.
But are they really that scary?
If you get to know sharks very well, you might find that they are not that scary after all.
Let’s take a look at what kind of creature sharks are!


When you hear the word “fish”, the shape that comes to mind is flat, streamlined “fish”. And as a fish that is completely different from its shape, there is a “seahorse”.
However, let’s take a look at the ecology of seahorses, which are difficult to pin down even if they are called fish.