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Have you heard of the Sphinx cat? Whether you’ve heard the name before or not, you might be surprised by its striking appearance!
You might even hear someone say, “What!
Is it really a cat?” The Sphinx cat’s appearance is likely to be a love-it-or-hate-it situation, but it’s a breed that some people can’t resist.
So what are the hidden charms of the Sphinx cat? Let’s introduce them right away!


Have you ever seen a “Siamese cat”? Actually, this cat is known as the “Siamese” breed worldwide. Interestingly, only Japan calls it the “Sham cat”.
On this page, I will introduce the Siamese breed, which was once popular in Japan. However, there are still many things that are not well known about their history and personality.
Let’s explore the secrets of the Siamese cat!

Selkirk Rex

Also known as the “cat in sheep’s clothing,” the Selkirk Rex is a cat with curly hair like a toy poodle.
It has recently gained attention from people who want a cat that doesn’t look like everyone else’s.
While there are other cats with curly hair, such as the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, the Selkirk Rex is the most voluminous of all curly-haired cats.
Let’s take a look at the secrets of this somewhat mysterious Selkirk Rex!

Satin Angora

Have you ever heard of a rabbit called “Satin Angora”? Honestly, it’s not often seen in Japan, so many people may be hearing about it for the first time!
To briefly explain, it looks very similar to French Angora with its fluffy, ball-like body and cute face peeking out. However, it actually has some different characteristics from French Angora.
So where is the difference? Let’s go find out the secret right away!


Name a stylish cat? That’s right, it’s the Chartreux!
However, many people may think, ‘Chartreux? I’ve never heard of it.
It’s a cat that isn’t very familiar in Japan, but in France, it’s described as an interesting and cute cat that looks like a potato with toothpicks stuck in it.
It is also called the “Blue Three” along with the Russian Blue and Korat.
Would you like to take a look at the mysterious secrets and slightly sad history of Chartreux together?


Singapura is a breed of cat that is not often seen in Japan, so it may be known only to those who know it.
What is particularly characteristic of this breed is its small size!
It is sometimes called a “little fairy” because of its appearance.
But there are many secrets hidden in its small body.
Would you like to take a look at the story of how Singapura was born?


Have you ever heard of a walrus, a sea-dwelling mammal with a very large body and fangs?
They sometimes hold shows at aquariums, so some of you may have actually seen them in front of you.
Walruses are often thought of as scary animals because of their appearance and size, but they are actually wonderful animals that are very kind and smart.
In this article, we’ll take a sneak peek at what characteristics and secrets walruses have!


Speaking of cats with beautiful fur colors and fluffy tails, it’s the Somali!
It is also a popular cat that is known to many people. However, it seems that in the history of Somali’s birth, it was sometimes thought of as a “failure.”
At first, the Somali was not very well-regarded, but it became popular after a small incident.
Would you like to unravel the secrets of the Somali?


Siberians are a breed with a voluminous and fluffy coat that is their charm point!
Many people may not have heard of Siberians before.
It is certainly one of the breeds that is not often seen in pet shops, but I would be happy if this page could help people learn about the cuteness of Siberians!

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold is a breed of cat that has been dominating the rankings of cats people want to live with in recent years!
They are famous for their cute round faces and folded ears.
However, Scottish Folds are not only cute but also have various difficult aspects.
If you see them next time, I would be happy if you could observe them with reference to this page!