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Rock Ptarmigan

The Ptarmigan is a bird that inhabits the alpine zone and is designated as a Special Natural Monument in Japan.
Due to its small population and the fact that it is not commonly seen in urban areas, it is not well-known to the general public. However, its distinctive appearance has been loved by mountaineers since ancient times.
In this article, we explain the ecology and characteristics of the Ptarmigan, which are not widely known. Let’s explore the charm of the Ptarmigan together!


Do you know a cat called LaPerm? It is still not very well known in Japan, and many of you may have heard the name for the first time.
To explain briefly, it is a curly-haired cat that looks very similar to the Selkirk Rex, but there is also a photo book called “The World’s Most Beautiful Cats, LaPerm”, and some people are fascinated by its appearance.
Why don’t we go and explore the attractive features and secrets of LaPerm right away?


Do you know a rabbit called Rex? If you know or have heard of it, you might be quite a rabbit expert.
Actually, this rabbit is rarely seen in Japan, and you would be lucky if you find a house that keeps it.
On this page, we introduce some of the unknown secrets of Rex. Why don’t we take a peek at those secrets right away?

Russian Blue

With its luxurious fur and slender, graceful body, the Russian Blue cat is a breed that you may have heard of before.
It is one of the most popular breeds that you can find in pet shops.
At first glance, it seems to have a calm and cool demeanor that can handle anything, but the Russian Blue cat actually has… a surprising personality hidden behind its appearance!


When you think of a cat with fluffy fur and a fluffy tail…
That’s right! It’s a ragdoll!
The cat has a soft-looking body and beautiful blue eyes that are very cute.
How about exploring some surprising history and secrets of the name of such a ragdoll?

Lion Head

Have you ever heard of a rabbit called a “lion head”?
It means “lion? head?” when translated directly, but the name gives the impression that it might be powerful! Some people might think that.
But in fact, it’s a cute rabbit that looks like a small male lion! In Japan, there are not many opportunities to see lion heads.
Would you like to take a peek at their hidden secrets?


A camel with a large hump on its back and gentle eyes with long eyelashes.
The hump, long eyelashes, and large body of this camel conceal the amazing wisdom and history that has evolved to survive harsh environments.

African Wild Dog

Do you know about the wild animal called african wild dog that lives in Africa and has a tabby pattern?
They are said to be the strongest canid in Africa with strong family bonds and high sociality. They are skilled hunters.
Such Lycaons have a history of persecution by humans and are sometimes called “dirty dogs” with an ignominious name.
Let’s take a look at what characteristics and secrets african wild dogs have in this article!


Squirrels are cute with their busy acorn-carrying and fluffy tails!
They have a strong image of being cute, but do you really know about squirrels?
Let’s learn more about squirrels together!


What kind of image do you have when you hear the word llama?
Although it is an animal that looks similar to an alpaca, some people may not have a good impression of llamas because they are said to spit.
However, llamas have a surprising personality.
You might like llamas more after reading this page!