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Have you heard of a bird called a puffin?
It’s a humorous and cute seabird with a large, colorful beak and a slightly troubled-looking face. Although it is a bird, it can swim in the sea as if it were flying.
There seems to be a lot to learn about puffins. Let’s look it up!


Manga, anime, etc… What cat do you think of when you imagine a pet that is kept in a rich family’s house?
That’s right, it’s Persian!
Persian, which often appears in cat food commercials, has a strong image of being an elegant cat, doesn’t it?
Why don’t we explore together the surprising personality of Persian and the reason why it is actually called ‘the king of cats’?


The popular penguin at the aquarium is the one that walks flapping its wings and feet.
Penguins are often used as motifs for stuffed animals and characters because of their adorable appearance. There are many mysteries hidden in these penguins!
“What are penguin legs like?” “What kind of personality do penguins have?” Why don’t we take a peek at the secrets of penguins to solve these questions together?


Do you know the pronghorn, a herbivore that lives mainly in North America?
Pronghorns are second fastest on land after cheetahs and can run as fast as 80km per hour.
However, since they are bred only in a limited number of zoos, many people may have heard the name for the first time.
Let’s take a peek into its life together to find out what features and secrets pronghorns have in this article!


Do you know the peccary, an animal similar to a wild boar that lives mainly in South America?
Peccaries look exactly like wild boars, but they are actually mysterious animals that are completely different from wild boars.
By the way, there is a character in the Japan whose motif is an ancient Ecuadorian clay figurine. The name is “peccary” and it is characterized by its resemblance to an animal peccary.
Let’s take a peek at the characteristics and secrets of peccary in this article!

Prairie Dog.

Do you know prairie dogs, herbivores that live in North America?
Prairie dogs are a species of squirrel that lives on the ground, and they are animals that dig large burrows in the ground and live with their friends.
Many people may say, “I’ve seen it!” because they are often kept in zoos and sometimes people keep them as pets.
Let’s take a peek into their lives together to find out what characteristics and secrets prairie dogs have in this article!


Pumas, which live in the Americas, are large feline animals that look just like female lions.
It’s an animal you don’t see very often outside of illustrated books and zoos, so maybe it’s the first time I’ve seen it! I never knew his name before! Some people may say that.
However, pumas have great physical abilities and are also the animals that give them the name of a famous sports brand.
Let’s take a peek together to see what characteristics and secrets Pumas have in this article!