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Norwegian Forest Cat

Now, here’s a quiz. What is the name of the cat that is also called the “fairy living in the forest”? The correct answer is “Norwegian Forest Cat”!
It’s becoming more and more popular in Japan these days, so some of you may have seen it before.
Would you like to explore the hidden secrets of Norwegian Forest Cats, which are large cat breeds like Maine Coons and Siberians?

Japanese Macaque

As the name suggests, japanese macaques are monkeys that live only in Japan.
The Japanese macaque, which appears in folktales such as “The Peach Boy” and “The Monkey and the Crab,” is a familiar animal to japanese people.
However, when you think about it again, you may be surprised to find that there are many things you don’t know about its ecology and characteristics.
Let’s take a peek together to see what characteristics and secrets Japanese monkeys have in this article!


The chicken is probably the most familiar bird to modern humans.
Some people may argue that sparrows or crows are more familiar. Indeed, in the city, sparrows and crows are more commonly seen than chickens.
However, if you think about your diet, you may find that you eat chicken eggs and meat more often than not. Despite the fact that chickens are so familiar, most people do not know much about their ecology.
So this time, let’s learn together about the ecology of chickens.


“Sloths” are given the dishonorable name of “sloth”.
But don’t you sometimes envy them and think (I wish I could live like this…)?
Sloths are the slowest mammals in the world. Their appearance of hanging leisurely from trees is so adorable that it makes you smile involuntarily.
Sloths spend most of their day sleeping, and even when they are awake, they stay still without moving. But that’s not because they are “lazy”. There is a deep reason for that. Well, what is that reason?


Do you know a herbivore called wildebeest, which looks like a cow in Africa?
Perhaps the most famous thing about the wildebeest animal is the annual “Great Wildebeest Migration”.
You may have seen on TV a huge herd of wildebeests running across the African soil and crossing the river with the determination to die.
Let’s take a peek at the characteristics and secrets of wildebeest in this article and their lives together!


The cat café boom has been ignited, and cats are becoming more and more popular as pets these days! Cats are famous for their fickle and self-paced nature. I know it’s popular, but I’m sure there are many things you don’t know much about the original ecology of cats.
Why don’t you join us in exploring the secrets of cats filled with wonders?