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King Penguin

This time, we will introduce you to the king penguin, which is said to be the second largest in body size in the world! You can see king penguins at aquariums all over Japan, but we have collected a lot of information about their ecology and secrets!
Why are they called king? The chicks are chubby and cute! But is there

Cornish Rex

Here’s a quiz for you: What animal is known for its slender limbs, small face, and is also called the “greyhound of cats”?
The answer is the Cornish Rex! You may not have heard of it before since it’s not often seen in Japan. In addition to having a good style, it also has curly hair as a feature.
There are many other secrets about the Cornish Rex hidden on this page. Why don’t you go and explore those secrets right away?


Koalas move slowly and relaxed while clinging to trees.
Just looking at their adorable appearance can heal you.Did you know that koalas sometimes run on the ground?
Let’s explore the secrets of koalas that are still hidden together!


Speaking of hippos, their big mouths are characteristic.
They can eat vegetables whole with their big mouths.
I have an image of them swimming in the water with half of their faces out.
They have a calm and gentle atmosphere, but they actually have a violent side.
Let’s go explore the secrets of hippos that we don’t know yet!


Canaries are small birds that are kept as pets for their beautiful appearance in red, yellow, and white colors and their chirping.
Canaries used to be very common small birds that were bred in many households along with parrots and finches.
But gradually, fewer people kept them, and it became rare to see them in pet shops.
What kind of features and secrets do these canaries have? Let’s find out together in this article!


Kingfishers are birds that are familiar to us humans and can be observed in the human sphere of life. Unlike sparrows and crows, kingfishers with a bright body are also popular birds among connoisseurs.
Did you know that such kingfishers are actually deeply related to the gemstone jade? Did you know that although it has a bright blue body, it is not actually blue?
In this article, I would like to approach the further charm of kingfishers.

Common Hill Myna

A bird famous for chatting by skillfully imitating people’s words, the common hill myna.
In the past, the common hill myna was a very common small bird that was bred in many households along with parakeets and java sparrow.
However, due to certain circumstances, capture was prohibited, and now it is almost impossible to see it.
Let’s take a peek at what kind of characteristics and history such a common hill myna has in this article!


Earth’s largest mammal whale!
Why are they mammals even though they live in the ocean? Do you know what mammals are?
Let’s take a look at these questions about whales together.


Kangaroos are cute when babies poke their heads out of their pouches.
It is characteristic that they run while bouncing on their hind legs. In contrast to the cute appearance of females, males have strong muscles.
The way males fight looks like they are boxing. Let’s take a closer look at kangaroos!


When it comes to giraffes, their long necks are their distinctive feature.
They are also the tallest animals in the world because of their long necks. They must have a great view all the time.
There is still a secret about giraffes that many people don’t know about. Let’s explore the secret of giraffes together.