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Have you heard of Bengal cats?
You may not have seen them in pet shops, so many people may be hearing their name for the first time.
The most distinctive feature of Bengal cats is their rosette pattern on their body, which can be described as a leopard pattern.
The Bengal cat, with its wild appearance, is one of the popular breeds among cat lovers!
Let’s take a look at the personality and history of Bengal cats!

British Shorthair

Do you know the story of “Alice in Wonderland”?
There is a character called the Cheshire Cat in it, and the British Shorthair is said to be the cat that became the model for it!
It has become popular in Japan recently, so some of you may have heard the name!
Let’s explore the cute secrets of the British Shorthair!


You may think that only “humans” can build houses and develop the environment, but in fact, there are other creatures besides humans who can change the environment by their own power.
That’s what beavers are. An adorable beaver with a slightly goofy face and short limbs.
It is a popular character that is also the subject of anime movies, but the detailed ecology is not well known. Let’s take a closer look at how beavers live!

Java Sparrow

Popular as pets for their cute and bouncy appearance, they are easy to tame and become your soothing companions.
Why not spend peaceful days with these adorable budgies?”


Do you know the bobcat, a feline with a short tail for its body?
Bobcat is a member of the wildcat family that lives in North America, and its body size is two to three times that of pet cats.
While many animals are worried about extinction, they are also strong animals that are still thought to be increasing their population.
Let’s take a peek into the life of a bobcat in this article to find out what features and secrets it has!


Do you know the mysterious animal called babilsa, whose big canine teeth protrude from the skin of the upper chin?
Babilsa is said to be a species of wild boar that lives only in limited areas of Indonesia.
However, even people who have never seen them, and who do not know their names, once they see them, they have an unforgettable impact.
In this article, let’s take a look at what features and secrets babilsa has!


Do you know a strange animal called binturong, which smells like popcorn?
Binturong is a kind of animal called civet, which lives in India and Southeast Asia.Some people have never heard of binturong, but it is also an animal with many hidden fans.
In this article, let’s take a look at what features and secrets binturong has and how it lives!


Do you know a species of ape called bonobos, which looks exactly like chimpanzees?
They are known to be pacifist animals that are genetically close to humans, very intelligent, and avoid conflict.
Let’s take a peek at what characteristics and interesting secrets bonobos have in this article!


Pigs are very famous animals that everyone knows, with their curly tails and large noses.
Pigs are very familiar animals, but surprisingly, many people have never seen them up close.
Once you know the secret of pigs, you may be able to see them differently when you meet them at the ranch or zoo.
Now let’s take a sneak peek at what characteristics and secrets pigs have!