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Weasels are popular for their cute appearance, as they have small bodies and lovely eyes. Especially their tails are big and fluffy, and make you want to touch them.
However, do you know that weasels are very ferocious, contrary to their appearance? In this article, we will look at the unknown ecology of weasels and solve some questions you may have!

Emperor Penguin

“Emperor penguins” are often associated with the image of penguins because they have become the main characters of documentary films and have recently appeared as a cute character named “Koupen-chan”.
So, what is the most important thing about Emperor penguins? Let’s explore their secret!


Do you know about Gemsbok, a herbivorous animal that lives in Africa and Arabia?
Gemsbok is a species of medium to large antelope, known for its distinctive markings on the face and long, beautiful horns.
However, since it is not kept in Japanese zoos, many people may be hearing its name for the first time.
In this article, let’s take a look at what kind of features and secrets Gemsbok has and peek into its life!


Wild in appearance, it looks like a wild cat. Since it is not often seen in Japan, few people may know its name. This time, we will introduce you to the “Ocicat”!
The Ocicat, which gives the impression of living in a grassy field or forest, actually has a surprising personality and secrets. Let’s take a closer look at the detailed ecology of the Ocicat right away!

Old English Sheepdog

A dog with fluffy fur that looks like a big hairball. The old english sheepdog is gaining popularity for its adorable appearance.Due to its characteristic appearance, there are many opportunities to appear in dramas and movies, and even if you can’t associate it with the name, many people may actually say, “Oh, this is this dog breed!”This time, let’s explore the characteristics and morphology of such a popular dog breed, the old english sheepdog!

Adelie Penguin

Now, here’s a question. What is the true identity of the penguin that became the character model for JR East’s IC card ticket Suica? The answer is “Adelie Penguin”. If you have a Suica, please check it out!
Adelie Penguins are penguins with a distinctive appearance, wearing tuxedos on their bodies and having white eyeliner-like lines around their eyes.
This page summarizes many mysterious secrets about Adelie Penguins.
Let’s take a look right away!


Horses have gentle eyes and their running figure is cool and exciting to watch. They are animals that can be found in many places, such as zoos, where you can experience horseback riding or touch them.
However, there are still many things that we don’t know about horses. What are the secrets of their bodies? Can I understand how horses feel? Let’s learn more about horses and become friends with them!


When you think of rays, you might imagine their fish-like bodies and their flapping swimming style.
Their graceful appearance is popular at aquariums, and some children watch them with fascination. Their large size can impress the viewers, but did you know that there are also small rays that are about 10 cm long?
Actually, there are many kinds of rays, and there are many things that are not commonly known about them. Let’s take a look at the ecology of rays, which have many mysteries.

English Lop

Speaking of rabbits with surprisingly large and droopy ears, we have the English Lop.
They have large ears and a large body, and are said to be the oldest breed of lop-eared rabbits in history.
Since they are not often seen in Japan, some people may be hearing their name for the first time.
Would you like to explore more about the English Lop, also known as the ancestor of small lop-eared rabbits?

American Fuzzy Lop

Have you ever heard of the American Fuzzy Lop?
When you think of America, you might imagine a rabbit with a large and robust body like other rabbits.
However, the American Fuzzy Lop is a very cute animal with fluffy fur and droopy ears on its small body.
Would you like to explore the world of rabbits, also known as Amefaji, and discover their secrets?