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Weasels are popular for their cute appearance, as they have small bodies and lovely eyes. Especially their tails are big and fluffy, and make you want to touch them.
However, do you know that weasels are very ferocious, contrary to their appearance? In this article, we will look at the unknown ecology of weasels and solve some questions you may have!

King Penguin

This time, we will introduce you to the king penguin, which is said to be the second largest in body size in the world! You can see king penguins at aquariums all over Japan, but we have collected a lot of information about their ecology and secrets!
Why are they called king? The chicks are chubby and cute! But is there


Speaking of cats with short tails, there is a breed called Japanese Bobtail. In fact, there is another breed called Manx, which also has a very short tail.
However, it is almost impossible to see them in Japan, so many people may be hearing the name for the first time! What mysteries are hidden behind the birth of Manx? And what is the reason for their short tails?
Let’s unravel their secrets right away!

Emperor Penguin

“Emperor penguins” are often associated with the image of penguins because they have become the main characters of documentary films and have recently appeared as a cute character named “Koupen-chan”.
So, what is the most important thing about Emperor penguins? Let’s explore their secret!


Hey, this animal looks like a raccoon! And it’s fluffy! No, no, that’s a Himalayan cat. By the way, there is also a Himalayan breed of rabbit, but it seems that the rabbit was discovered first.
The Himalayan has a similar appearance to the Persian cat, but it has a unique and elegant atmosphere that sets it apart from the Persian.
Would you like to take a peek at the little-known secrets of the Himalayan?


Do you know about Gemsbok, a herbivorous animal that lives in Africa and Arabia?
Gemsbok is a species of medium to large antelope, known for its distinctive markings on the face and long, beautiful horns.
However, since it is not kept in Japanese zoos, many people may be hearing its name for the first time.
In this article, let’s take a look at what kind of features and secrets Gemsbok has and peek into its life!

Gentoo Penguin

Speaking of the penguin that is the third largest in terms of body length after the Emperor Penguin and the King Penguin, it’s the Gentoo Penguin.
The Gentoo Penguin has the highest number of domestic breeding among its relatives, the Adelie Penguin and the Chinstrap Penguin. Some of you may have seen it at this penguin aquarium!
Not only is it the third largest in body length, but it also has a secret that it is the fastest in the penguin world!
Let’s take a peek into the mysterious world of the Gentoo Penguin!


Wild in appearance, it looks like a wild cat. Since it is not often seen in Japan, few people may know its name. This time, we will introduce you to the “Ocicat”!
The Ocicat, which gives the impression of living in a grassy field or forest, actually has a surprising personality and secrets. Let’s take a closer look at the detailed ecology of the Ocicat right away!

Rock Ptarmigan

The Ptarmigan is a bird that inhabits the alpine zone and is designated as a Special Natural Monument in Japan.
Due to its small population and the fact that it is not commonly seen in urban areas, it is not well-known to the general public. However, its distinctive appearance has been loved by mountaineers since ancient times.
In this article, we explain the ecology and characteristics of the Ptarmigan, which are not widely known. Let’s explore the charm of the Ptarmigan together!

Chinstrap Penguin

Have you heard of the Chinstrap Penguin? In fact, this name refers to the Hige Penguin in Japan!
The Chinstrap Penguin is said to have one of the largest populations among penguins worldwide, competing for the top two spots. However, it is surprising that the number of Chinstrap Penguins bred in Japan is relatively small, so many people may be hearing this name for the first time.
Let’s take a peek at some interesting and funny secrets about the Chinstrap Penguin!